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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Welcome to a city in bloom...

So it’s been months of waiting and wondering and at last the fruits of my labour are being realised… kind of. My little north London roof terrace is finally starting to bloom, blossom, sprout, grow and do all the other things that greenery is supposed to do.

Before we begin there are 3 things you really should know about me. First, patience is not a virtue I possess. Second, the reasonably sized roof terrace was very much the selling point of my flat. Third, despite my mother’s kind reassurances, I am most definitely not green fingered.

Why the blog? Well it’s pretty simple really, my family and friends are bored of the daily updates on the state of my rosemary but I can’t control the urge to talk about it. I imagine this dilemma to be akin to a new mother’s relentless baby talk. To the doe-eyed parents, their new bundle of joy is the centre of their lives (and hence they assume it’s everyone else’s too), to their childless friends, there’s only so much discussion about colic that they can stomach.

And so I turn to you blogger, I need to document the development of my little tomato plants, I need to know why my coriander is now 2 metres tall and I need to find other urban gardeners who try as they may, just don’t have the magic touch.

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